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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Thursday, 23 October 2014 21:31


Negotiations or farce?

The government of the MPLA continues with its game of delaying a long-lasting solution on the dispute between Cabinda and Angola. However, Angolan opposition parties use Cabinda as a mere situation for their election campaigns so that they can secure votes testing and manipulating the suffering and feelings of the Cabindan people, ensuring an influence for each deputy they can elect to the Angolan parliament from the territory of Cabinda.

With nothing to gain, the Angolan opposition is always frustrated with the outcome because the MPLA regime has also used them as mere tools to legitimise its repressive occupation policy in Cabinda since it controls and dictates the results from such elections organised at gun point on Cabindans who are forced to vote on what does not change their status as subjugated people or at least alleviate their suffering.  Everything is aimed at maintaining the status quo.

The MPLA regime uses military-political dichotomy consisting of using some Cabindans who are disaffected with the will of the Cabindan people to stage negotiations that themselves and their mentors are consciously unaware of their existence because they were never based on any genuine motivation and much less had an agenda that could give creed of their existence. At the same time, the forces of the MPLA regime continue in - kidnapping, imprisoning without charge, killing and humiliating Cabindans in all parts of the territory of Cabinda and in neighbouring countries, where Cabindans are seeking protection.The regime of Angola is therefore indirectly sending a message to those Cabindans it uses about the severity of any deviation in the fulfilment of given orders. Those, our brothers have put themselves in a situation which requires the collective efforts of Cabindans to free them, because the MPLA requires them to ‘continue to do it’s will, otherwise they will be simply be annihilated which has happened to so many others who now do not belong to the living world’. According to the regime of Angola, ‘the life of a Cabindan is worth nothing.’

The alleged MPLA negotiations are just a farce taken as a strategy to create opposition between Cabindans therefore delaying the solution of the issue. But, the people of Cabinda are aware of this manipulative action and have been able to separate, in time, ‘the wheat from the chaff’ and take a responsible and indefectible attitude which has been reflected in a calm and good sense of how they handle those Cabindan brothers who sometimes become defiant and hostile to their people, simply, to please their bosses. What is certain is that their consciences accuse them because the popular cause will surely win, with a dignified solution for all.

The world is a witness to the suffering of Cabindans, and, though there are those who consider Cabinda merely as a province of Angola, they should be aware that the people of Cabinda are living under repression and for this reason should do and say something in defence of the defenceless; this includes  the Angolans themselves because it is the only way to justify that they consider Cabindans as Angolans and perhaps justify the despoliation of the resources of the territory that does not even  benefit  Angolan people because if it did, Angola would no longer be in the state it is; it would be a paradise for its people. We do not believe that the suffering of the people of Cabinda pleases any well-balanced human being.

The word of God teaches us that: ‘... If you hear that there is repression in a province, know that over there God's eyes are attentive ... (Ecclesiastes 5: 8).’ This calls out the attention of all Cabindans, and all conscious people. We believe this to be as well of great importance for all Angolans and devotees of peace and progress.

Cabindans will always exist as long as life on this planet earth continues, as well as its history is indelible, and we do not believe that the world will remain silent, forever, regarding the fate of Cabindans. However, the regimes succeed with all its nuances and only God is unchanging, and has control of the future.

It is time to give a genuine image and political definition that reflects the essence of the Cabindan cause and to abandon the political mercantilism on the suffering of the people of Cabinda under cover of false negotiations that neither result in anything nor dignify their mentors.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda believes in a political and dignified solution to the Cabinda issue and urges the people of Cabinda not to believe in this new wave of hysteria that echoes the existence of alleged negotiations when, in fact, nothing exists. It's just another scam. It is said that 'the truly negotiations cannot begin until the parties understand the existence of the impasse to their selfish purposes which are not necessarily military ones, but the political that triggered the conflict’. This is something understood long ago by the people of Cabinda and the regime of MPLA still have difficulties to understand – that is why it is still keen to decimate Cabindans. The MPLA insists on the reason of force materialising the maximum 'if you do not accept subjugation, you will be annihilated’.

No one doubts the fact that all living forces of Cabinda have a common denominator that unites them around their cause, namely: self-determination and dignity for the People of Cabinda. Any deviation from this mantra does not serve the interest of the People of Cabinda, but personal, and should be rejected as harmful to the interests of the Cabindan Nation.

Great Britain, once again, gave the world a lesson of what is democracy and demonstrated that the evolution of humankind no longer allows people or nations to be submitted by force, because there are mechanisms for the resolution of disputes by holding a referendum on self-determination of Scotland after a period of successful devolution of power to Scotland, who voluntarily adhered to the union around three (3) centuries ago. If this is naturally permissible for people who already have a degree of self-determination in voluntary unions, we believe that nothing can stop in this twenty-first century that oppressed people or nations under foreign occupation to be denied the right to self-determination, and, instead exposed to extermination.

With a certain amount of humanism and goodwill, the regime of Angola can engage itself in finding a solution that dignifies itself to all parts in Cabinda, instead of persisting in corruption and the use of individuals who cannot wipe out the dream of Cabindans - their right to self-determination.

                                    Long live the People of Cabinda, United, we will win.


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