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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 18 August 2012 23:39


Since 1963 the Cabindan people, in organised manner, have been demanding self-determination from Portugal and since 1974 they have been fighting against the Angolan occupation of their territory, with all that that implies.


And now, more than three decades on, the people’s suffering just gets worse.

“Let us be realistic and let us demand what is rightfully ours, and demand self-determination”.

The oxygen of a whole people is its youth. The youth of Cabinda has for generations been in the avant-garde of Cabindan claims; and we still believe this, in any form, to be their role.

As long as the regime in Luanda seeks at all costs to mask the Cabindan problem and chooses to solve differences by violence, corruption and other forms of oppression, the youth of Cabinda cannot afford to remain indifferent, because indifference would condemn it to life on an artificial respirator.

Our cause is just and real because it is founded on clear and unequivocal facts which everyone knows well, but does not want to openly admit for unexplained reasons.

It is true to say that the youth of Cabinda is facing a difficult situation without precedent, and is sometimes a victim of the usurpation of its bravery by certain malevolent individuals or quite simply by servants of the Luanda regime, which is why it is necessary to organise the youth, who are in general better prepared intellectually than former generations to serve the Cabindan People.

It is worth noting that youth is not only a period of life, but rather a state of mind. An effect of willpower, a quality of imagination, an intensity of emotion, a victory of courage over fear, a taste for adventure to benefit themselves and their Nation above all.

People do not become old just by having lived a certain number of years, but also by abandoning our ideals.

The years age the skin, but renouncing ideals ages the heart.

Any young Cabindan must be persuaded that it is always man who destroys society but that it is always man who builds a true society, by the spirit of initiative, which is the best talisman for all those who see a dark and disenfranchised future.

Trust, hope and self-esteem would seem to be the remedies for the lack of initiative which threatens the future of the Cabindan People.

We could also realise that youth is a resource and not a threat, especially within the African context.

And therefore we ask the Cabindan youth, wherever you are, to take up your mission as a driving force and to determinedly commit yourselves to the Just Cause of the Cabindan Nation.

You will remain young as long as you remain truly Cabindan. Whenever you feel inspired to give something of yourself to the Cabindan Nation, be it thoughts, words of encouragement, concrete deeds or personal engagement in benefit of the Cabindan Cause, do not hesitate, because in doing it you will be carrying out your patriotic duty.

If one day, at whatever age, your heart is heavy with pessimism, tortured by selfishness and corroded by cynicism towards your own people, then may God have pity on your wrinkled heart and renew you so that you can find the right way to serve your People.

Youth of Cabinda!

The Nation once again urges you, wherever you may be, to stand up, commit yourself and to say no to Angolan neo-colonization in all its forms.

In particular we wish to urge the youth of Cabinda in the interior not to take part in the next Angolan elections of 2012, because they will not bring any solution for Cabinda; on the contrary, participating in these elections would only help the Luanda Regime in its vain tentative to weaken the Cabindan Cause.

Youth of Cabinda, remember the saying: “you are only defeated if you don’t fight, and for whoever you are defeated you become slave”.

Fight for the dignity of the CABINDAN PEOPLE!

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