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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 19:19




The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda wishes to inform Cabindan public opinion, as well as the public in general, that Mr João Francisco Lubota by his own decision is no longer part of the executive of this organization with immediate effect from the 6 of February 2012, as per his message reproduced below.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda wishes to clarify that the delay in publishing this announcement was due to waiting for the official letter promised by Mr Lubota.

Now that the statutory time required has elapsed and taking into account the development of the facts, his resignation is now confirmed and general public is now notified that since the above mentioned date Mr João Francisco Lubota not represent nor engage with the Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda in its commitments, statements and activities

(Below is the full transcript of the email sent by Mr João Francisco Lubota to Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda):

Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 20:50:50 +0000
From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dear brothers,

I hereby wish to announce through this e-mail the suspension of all my activities in the Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda (FLEC-LIBERAL FORUM) with effect from today’s date.

I wish you all much success in continued efforts to seek a peaceful and lasting solution for the Cabindan case.
Revolutionary greetings,

Creil ,  02.03.2012

NB: I will present my dismissal letter in the near future.
Joao Francisco Lubota(Bavonda kwau)

For the Liberal Forum
The Coordination

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Yes, I would like to help voicing the plight of the repressed and marginalised people of Cabinda.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda is a not-for-profit organization and relies on membership fees, grants and donations from philanthropic and peace loving peoples and organizations, who understand the yoke of our people that we represent to sustain its work and activities. Your donation would be a welcome contribution to enable us to continue assisting the just and peaceful aspirations of the people of Cabinda, and promote their human rights and rights for self-determination; find non-violent solution to the conflict of Cabinda that affect the people of Cabinda and bring peace and security for all in the territory.