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The Dreadful Situation of Cabindan Refugees in DRC. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 18 June 2011 22:29

The Dreadful Situation of Cabindan Refugees in DRC.

Since March 2011, we have been reporting about the raids carried out by the groups of intruders led by Antoine Nzita aiming to inflict moral agony and terrorising the deprived and desperate Cabindan refugees in both Congo’s by orders of their leader, the regime of Angola to which this group serve.

“It is important to remember that Angola occupies Cabinda, since 1974 and annexed it immediately after its independence from Portugal, similarly to the occupation of Timor-East (became independent) by Indonesia”. Since then the life of Cabindans has become a living hell leading to successive exodus until today.

As promised, we are bringing to light the further developments related to the human rights violations against the Cabindan refugees due to the threatening vow of  returning made by those intruders, in March of this year, toward the Cabindan refugees after the resistance and defiance presented by the Cabindan youth, who confronted them.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda, acting on behalf of the oppressed people of Cabinda received detailed information about recent undesirable and annoying visits of those intruders, hereby identified by the Cabindan Community that represents the Refugees of Cabinda in DR of Congo.

Taking into account the gravity of the situation, the Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda acted promptly in the international arena bringing the issue through appropriate channels to some governments and international organizations that care for human rights and security worldwide.

After this approach, now, we bring to the attention of the national and international public the full details of terrorising situation that Cabindan refugees are facing in DRC, Lower Congo, specifically in the refugee camps of Seki-Zola, Kimbianga, Lundu-Matende and Mfiuki.

We appeal to all defenders of human rights and governments to intervene and put an end to these criminal acts against Cabindan refugees that increasingly is becoming common in DR of Congo and bring the perpetrators to justice.

These intruders must not be allowed to force or use Cabindan refugees as instruments for their intended lavish, corrupted and easy way of living. We should not allow the impunity to prevail.

This group of intruders should earn their bread by working and not tormenting peaceful and vulnerable people who did nothing wrong.

The Cabindan refugees are under UNHCR protection because of well founded fear of persecution and their lives are still at risk, they will only return to Cabinda when a genuine and everlasting solution will be found to the political issue of Cabinda.

The civilised world should not tolerate these dreadful acts and new oppressive methods used by the regime of Angola in the light of the XXI century.

It is unforgivable to disregard what is happening to Cabindan refugees inside UNHCR controlled refugee camps, at this moment when the civilised world is backing worldwide the people’s efforts to regain their freedom and fundamental rights to build a new social order where everyone lives with dignity. These intruders must be stopped.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda call on the Congolese government (DRC) to ensure the protection, security and human rights for all Cabindan refugees according to the international norms.

The information bellow, translated by Terracabinda, details the full content of the information received from the Cabindan Community in DRC to have the insight of what is going on against Cabindan refugees.



Press Communique No 001/COCAB/011

D.R. Congo: Death threat to Cabindan refugees in camps.

I.  Kinshasa, 27th April 2011. The coordination office for the association named the ‘Cabindan  Community’ (COCAB), which groups together nationals of Cabinda in Central Africa, is very concerned by the growing atmosphere of fear and uncertainty prevailing in the refugee camps of Sekizole, Kimbianga, Nlundu-Matende and Mfiuki in the province of Lower Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


II. The Coordination Office of the COCAB wishes to inform the national and international community of the death threats made to Cabindan refugees, particularly in the camps named above.  These threats are from a group of people accompanied by armed

elements of the National Congolese nacional Police (PNC), agents from the National Migration Directorate (DGM) and the National Information Agency (ANR). According to COCAB sources, the Cabindan refugees threatened with death were accused of refusing or

inciting other Cabinan refugees to refuse all food and drink offered to them by the above group for their benefit.  Among the refugees receiving threats of death and/or arrest Mr Casimiro Sito and Mr Mateus Massanga are named. They are currently in hiding in the

forest of Mayombe in the Congolese Province of Lower Congo, having left their families and possessions.


III. The COCAB holds the opinion that after the first failed attempt on the 3rd March 2011, this same group returned on the 20th April 2011 to the four Cabindan refugee sites in the Lower Congo Province of D.R. Congo, accompanied by the five heavily armed

elements of the PNC named above, along with 2 agents of the ANR and one agent of the DGM. These intimated the refugees, making death threats to their group leaders, in order to make them accept the food and drink offered to them by enemies of the

Cabindan people.


IV. In this regard the Coordination Office of the COCAB wishes to alert people to the fact that the group in question is made up of people serving the enemies of the Cabindan people, bringing a poisoned gift. According to COCAB sources, this group is made up of

Mr Antoine NZITA, Mr KINTA NGAKA. Mr Gieskes, Mr Claude (of the VOKAJI ONG, not otherwise identified, Tel: 00243 (0) 810028040), of Aimé BUANGI, Mr Sebastiao YONGO, and José Luis Veras.


V. The material assistance offered to the Cabindan refugees consists of the following money and goods:

- A giant screen

- Two motorbikes with a value of $1000 each

- A batch of 153 rice sacks weighing 25 kgs each

- An electrical generator of 1KVA

- A motorized pump

- A batch of 50 10 kg boxes of salted fish

- Four balls of second hand clothes

- A batch of boxes of soap

- A thousand Dollars for the women

- A thousand Dollars for the young

- 800 Dollars for buying helmets and number plates for the two motorbikes

- 2000 Dollars for the four directors of the refugee camps, 500 Dollars for each.

VI. We wish to remind people that the people of Cabinda in Central Africa have been fighting for their freedom since it was confiscated from them in 1975. Among the victims of this fight are the refugees in the D.R. of Congo and the Republic of Congo and Gabon.

They are refused international protection, notably because they are deprived of refugee status, the reason given for this is that the territory of Cabinda has not yet acquired the status of an independent State, even though under the same circumstances refugee


status is granted to Palestinians, Sahrawis etc, all recognized by the UNHCR.


VII. Given all the acts of violence repeatedly carried out on peaceful Cabindan refugees, the Coordination Office of the COCAB (Cabindan Community) in the D.R. Congo:


1. Denounces what it calls the ‘act of corruption’ or ‘act of seduction’ on the part of the above mentioned group (not otherwise identified) in the service of enemies of the Cabindan people, who brandish their weapons to force the Cabindan refugees to accept

assistance which they categorically refuse.

2. Asks the government of the D.R. of Congo to keep a close watch on the safety and physical health of Cabindan refugees.

3. Requests that the regional office of the UNHCR in Kinshasa do what is in its mandate to protect these Cabindan refugees in the four camps referred to as well as in the city of Kinshasa.

4. Requests that the joint office for MONUSCO and the High Commission of the United Nations for Human Rights do what is in their mandate to prevent the risk of forced disappearances or of murders of Cabindan refugees in D.R. of Congo.


Kinshasa, 27th April 2011.


For the Cabindan Community (COCAB) in Exile,


Mr Afonso Alfredo Muanda,

General Secretary and Spokesperson.


Illegible signature





[Translated by Terracabinda]

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