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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Monday, 27 December 2010 00:32

                                                                     MANIFESTO OF THE LIBERAL FORUM

The struggle of the People of Cabinda has been ongoing for almost half a century from 1963 under the banner of the FLEC as a result of the fusion of three (3) nationalist movements that were claiming self-determination and independence of Cabinda from Portugal, then the protecting power.

While Cabindans were waiting to practise their inalienable right of self-determination that only they can practise for Cabinda, against all possible imagination, the territory fell under occupation by MPLA - Angola with the connivance of Portugal that handed it over as an annexe to Angola in the controversial decolonization of the Portuguese overseas territories.

From that moment started the long and hard walk of the Cabindans for their freedom beginning the struggle for their right to emancipation that changed the life of every Cabindan.

The difficulties found along the struggle, the lack of coherent programs and strategies that would reflect the geopolitics of the historical moments dictated the collapse of the bases of the struggle for different reasons starting with the cult of worshiping prominent personalities of the time, tribalism, bad management of cadres and of resources; the inappropriate use of the all help received to sustain the struggle gave way to internal struggles for self-satisfaction and to the current fever of the petrodollars, and other evils, whose effects today are visible and are discrediting the movement.

It is now important for us to re-define the framework of our struggle with rigidity, courage and pragmatism and departing from improvised, hysterical politics and internal struggles for self-satisfaction that for decades has characterized the setting of the Cabinda liberation movement as it undermines and makes inefficient all the efforts to promote the Cabindan cause.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda is an open space in which converge renewed action to build an inclusive forum with the following purposes:

- To make use of the acquired knowledge and experience through the observation, through direct or indirect participation, through rational and pragmatic analysis of the different stages of the struggle for the emancipation of the people of Cabinda, and to draw with rigidity policies that could attract the international community to press for a move for Angola to embrace a political solution for Cabinda. This understands a solution that allows the Cabindans to practise their right of self-determination analysing all possible options, without preconceptions and dictates.

- To consider the political struggle as the privileged form of reaching the purpose of self-determination and to save the lives of fighters and civilians while we press for change of attitudes both of Angola and the international community in regards to the Cabindan cause.

- To place human values at the centre of the politics of emancipation of the people of Cabinda recognizing that we are all human beings, and as such an integral part of nature and worthy of progressive changes that would firmly establish the individual and collective dignity of the people of Cabinda. This can be reached with honesty, without resorting to cunning methods, selfishness, greed or other fraudulent and ignoble ways to take advantage of the efforts of those who gave their best for the common cause, aiming to obtain social advantages that can be reached by the hard and honest work of any human being.

- To activate the new ways of combining efforts in partnership with all the lively forces of Cabinda in an open spirit of complementing each other and not of competition between Cabindans to rescue the image obscured by internal struggles for self-satisfaction, treasons and other shames that our People and all interested parties in the issue of Cabinda disapprove.

We invite, today, every Cabindan: Let's gather around the convictions that inspire us to approach our differences with honesty, to think about the Cabindan People, the only sovereign one, for a pragmatic and responsible approach of the Cabinda issue.

The cause will be better represented when those who defend it will join together around an inclusive forum, in a transparent and patriotic manner, according to our convictions, without secret cards in the sleeve and insinuations of invisible masters to begin a serious, responsible and inclusive debate where the sense of the NATIONAL PURPOSE is clarified, and the lure and the personal interest is emptied for the good of all.

This kind of attitude would bring progress and would make a difference. For that reason we began in 2009 the work of the Inter-Cabindan Meeting project, which many for no well-founded reasons fought against, to set up the situation we endure today.

People of Cabinda! Do not trust appearances, they are deceiving. Do not worship wealth, it will disappear. FIGHT FOR YOUR SELF-DETERMINATION; which, yes, will give you dignity.

This is our public declaration of principles and intentions that we present to the People of Cabinda and the International Community.

                                                                      THE STEERING COMMITTEE


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The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda is a not-for-profit organization and relies on membership fees, grants and donations from philanthropic and peace loving peoples and organizations, who understand the yoke of our people that we represent to sustain its work and activities. Your donation would be a welcome contribution to enable us to continue assisting the just and peaceful aspirations of the people of Cabinda, and promote their human rights and rights for self-determination; find non-violent solution to the conflict of Cabinda that affect the people of Cabinda and bring peace and security for all in the territory.