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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 22 October 2016 06:41

Appeal for Change

Since the existence of humanity whatever the philosophical perspective it is interpreted whether it is idealistic or materialistic, regarding the creation of man as God's work or as a result of the evolution of monkey, one thing gives emphasis to the sight and it should be noted that to get to the point of development that humanity is proud of, today, occurred major changes as a result of increased knowledge of mankind and of sacrifice, courage and dedication shown throughout the history of humanity.

This is so obvious that is even reflected in the difference between the state of development of nations, and the place of each nation in the community of nations. Large and small nations that have proved to be more studious, courageous, determined and enterprising achieved a very positive spiral development, admired by all and that allowed them to garner respect in the international arena and therefore dictated the scope and quality of their allies in the struggle of contraries for world hegemony pursued in the community of nations and international relations where there is not a solitary leviathan that imposes itself.

Paradoxically, in the decline of the nineteenth century Cabinda has made significant strides in its affirmation as a people and nation internationally recognized by the Berlin Conference for the sharing of Africa as the result of attitude and action of men and women with no intellectual gifts nor scientific knowledge to sustain such insights and achievements; when, today, it is noticed a deliberate trend of destruction of this common good inherited from our ancestors that without intellectual attributes were able to identify and understand the essential, for with courage and determination engaged themselves in the affirmation of Cabindan identity.

Without comparison, today Cabinda has a large number of cadres and intellectuals with different projections in wide-ranging areas of knowledge, which should justify better understanding and identification of the direction to take for the consolidation of the legacy left by our ancestors, affirmation of our identity and of Cabindan nation; because with these attributes, the people of Cabinda expected greater organizational momentum and dynamism in the liberating action of our people from the Angolan yoke.

However, what is highlighted is the situation of ignominy cemented by selfishness and crowned insensitivity of anarchy and tendency of dishonouring the feats achieved by our ancestors, the common cause and just struggle of Cabindan people, for personal benefit or of groupies, insatiable and unable to interpret the true feelings and aspirations of these humiliated people without dignity and suffocated by the anachronistic regime of the MPLA headed by José Eduardo dos Santos that governs Angola.

Cabinda has children worthy of this name, which constitutes the absolute majority, in the country and in the diaspora, who are not identified with this selfish, mercantilist and reductionist logic of the noble cause of Cabinda people. Therefore, given the mess that is observed in this moment, urge imperatively the firm and decisive (re) engagement and commitment of the children of Cabinda for positive action and change of attitude that fits the global changes underway whose winds blow in all directions from Europe to America and Asia to Africa passing through Oceania in order to reinstate Cabinda in the international agenda and put an end to the neo-colonialist ‘status quo’ imposed at gun point by Angola on the martyred people of Cabinda.

It's time for the materialization by Cabindans of what was said by John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America, to the Americans: "… My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country…"

Cabindans should not continue to do what allows Angola to perpetuate the neo-colonization and waiting for spontaneous changes of the regime that governs Angola to enjoy their freedom and sovereignty as all other free peoples of this world enjoy. In doing the same thing repetitively one can only get the same result; then, it is time for change in attitude and action to change the results and to achieve what our people long for.

Son and youth of Cabinda, the time has never been so clearer than it is now to help bringing consciousness and taking the decision to engage in the struggle for the liberation of Cabinda nation and honour the memory of the martyrs of the Cabindan cause. The Motherland calls, say enough to the Angolan, oppression and neo-colonization.



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