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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 04 June 2016 07:42


Henriques Tiago Nzita

(14.07.1927 – 03.06.2016)

Cabindan people and all those who follow the just struggle of this martyred people woke up under the announcement of the physical disappearance of Nzita Tiago, as he preferred to be called in life, victim of prolonged illness occurred at the dawn of 3rd June of 2016.

Nzita Tiago was one of the co-founders of FLEC in 1963 together with Mr Luís Ranque Franque (deceased) and Mr António Eduardo Sozinho (in life). Later, as a result of profound disagreement, they parted ways and Nzita Tiago founded the FLEC/FAC, which he presided until his death as unavoidable figure.

People pass away and the history continues to register the events in time and space. The work and political profile of Nzita Tiago will surely be remembered by Cabindans and appreciated throughout in different stages of the struggle of the people of Cabinda.

His physical disappearance constitutes an irreparable loss for his family and an emptiness that is difficult to fill in for the Cabindan Resistance.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda is associated with this moment of pain and presents to the mourning family its feelings of sorrow.


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