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The suffering of the People of Cabinda PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 19 January 2013 23:02

The suffering of the People of Cabinda

It is not in the hope of anything that can be seen or touched, nor of any personal economic or financial gain or of any individual honour that one Cabindan may receive: it is only in the hope of obtaining their Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples that Cabindans endure all the atrocities they are subjected to. So  it is time for the International Community and all persons with influence in the international realm to understand that Cabinda will only enjoy freedom and even get a glimpse of dignity and prosperity when the people’s aspirations are taken into consideration and the issue of Cabinda is treated honestly and without any humiliation, intimidation, corruption, persecution, assassinations, tricks or any kind of witch hunt – all of which have been the methods of the Angolan government so far, all with a total disregard for the human values defended elsewhere by the World Powers – why is Cabinda an exception?

A new approach to the settlement of the issue of Cabinda is also required from all Cabindans whoever you may be, whatever you do and wherever you are, because we are dealing with the destiny of the Cabindan people and not personal ego. Equally, the Angolan people who have fought against Portuguese colonialism, because they have understood how it harmed their freedom, should not now back any Angolan government acting in such a manner for any reason whatsoever, and should raise their voices against all the barbarities taking place in Cabinda and against Cabindan refugees living in neighbouring countries of Cabinda perpetrated in the name of Angola by the MPLA regime – a regime that even in the 21st century is subjugating another African people.

The International Community as represented by the United Nations (UN) and headed by world powers with permanent seats on the Security Council of the UN (USA, UK, France, China and Russian, and including Germany), have global responsibility as major powers and should understand that the Cabindans are the victims of their silence, as they know beyond doubt how inhumanly Cabindans are being treated by the Angolan government but prefer not to tackle the source of the problem in order to find a solution. This allows the Angolan government to believe that the world powers somehow are behind it and agree with the barbaric methods it uses to protect their interests, interests which Cabindans believe never were or never will be in danger in Cabinda, or even in Angola or anywhere else, for doing what is right and expected from the International Community represented by the UN and the World Powers.

The People of Cabinda believe in a peaceful solution to the issue of Cabinda and do not see the need for the Angolan government to continue with its use of force and its systematic violation of human rights in Cabinda, traumatizing the Cabindan Nation and merely exposing the cruelty of the MPLA regime, while falling far short of being any sort of ideal solution to the Cabindan issue. Therefore we seek to make the Angolan government aware that its actions in Cabinda place it in an awkward position, through its failure to understand and collaborate in the genuine desire of Cabindans for peace, freedom and a lasting solution – instead of this they prefer to fabricate solutions with people who seek their own personal advantage and cannot deliver what they promise under the dictates of the Angolan government.

The International Community has now given Angola more than enough time to find a peaceful settlement of the Cabindan issue and it is now clear that the barbaric methods employed by the Angolan regime have no place in the  modern global era, where worldwide democracy is  promoted as the means to effective world governance. Thus the resolution of the Cabindan issue has become a challenge for the International Community seeking to promote human values in Cabinda, a state which was once considered the 39th State due for the total decolonization of Africa when this process was being carried out. For this and other reasons Cabinda is entitled to self-determination, and we believe that the UN and the World Powers have both the duty and the means to see that this happens peacefully.

We hereby exhort the people of Cabinda, who have long been paying a high price for their freedom and self-determination, not to give up their rights just because some have either freely chosen to retract or been pressurized by the Angolan government into retracting their earlier beliefs in return for a few crumbs given by the MPLA regime, the better to keep them in their yoke. How much Cabindans will suffer in the future depends on the degree of their peaceful resistance in the present, and the world is watching us.


The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda believes and trusts in pragmatic action for 2013, to make this the first year of a new approach to a peaceful solution of the Cabindan issue. “Long live Cabinda”.

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