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Murders and Repression confused with negotiations and Goodwill? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Cabinda   
Saturday, 23 April 2011 06:18














Murders and Repression confused with negotiations and Goodwill?


 The Cabindans are murdered inside and outside their homeland and repressed in the eyes of world powers without a word of consolation from these ardent defenders and bearers of human rights standard to these people whose cries of pain ran into the wall formed by economic interests of these world powers.


Portugal, the nation morally responsible of Cabindan disgrace does not dare to redeem itself of the mistake and betrayal inflicted on Cabindans. Why this injustice and humiliation?


In March, two prominent personalities linked to the cabindan guerrilla “FLEC / FAC” of Nzita Tiago were murdered in similar conditions in the Republic of Congo. However, the political leadership of which they depended continues to observe a total silence that causes indignation and speculation from observers.


In the territory, the Cabindan people unreconciled to the bondage, misery and desolation that are submerged in, call for a peaceful and dignified solution to the conflict and reject the impositions and arrogance of the occupation regime of MPLA.


The peaceful march planned by Cabinda youth on the 10th of April, based on the Angolan law, was banned by the authoritarian regime of occupation of Cabinda.


The people of Cabinda question those who talk about negotiations and good will of the Angola to negotiate directly with the Cabindans, if such statements stem from their free consciences or are imposed by the regime of Luanda to help cleaning up its image in the international arena?


The facts in Cabinda are not adjusted and are diametrically opposed to such arguments and compliments.

If there is one who wants peace for Cabinda, first of all, these are none other than Cabindan people themselves. Therefore, all individuals who are voluntarily engaged themselves to help in the materialization of this popular desideratum should act with the utmost seriousness and transparency as far as possible to avoid being associated to what may not reflect their true intentions.


The Cabinda problem should not be mistaken as a cake that a group of friends gathered without knowing how, on what basis and criteria are ready to divide it when the knife is still in the hands of the occupier! This can be anything they want to think, but it is not serving the people.


Cabindans are people who once were admired by other people for their humility, respect for human life and dignity; wisdom and sense of seeking the common-wealth. These are the values that current generations should preserve, cultivate and leave as a legacy to the future generations.


It is not reasonable to talk about negotiations in a scenario of increased repression and assassinations unless they are negotiations for personal solutions on a selective basis and restricted that have nothing to do with the global solution of the problem that afflicts the people of Cabinda.


As far as we are aware, we never heard any Angolan official, authorized to speak, who had said something about the existence of such negotiations; then, where and with whom are they negotiating?


Accepting the possibility of such negotiations, it is legitimate to question why the ongoing murders and rise of repression when it is assumed to be in negotiations or it is recognized the goodwill of Angola, which illegally occupies the territory, to peacefully resolve the Cabindan issue.

We must not allow Angola in helping divert the attention of the international community about what is happening in Cabinda, for there is no doubt that the regime of Luanda is the responsible for these murders; and they are far from being the peaceful solution resulting from the alleged negotiations for Cabinda.


The regime of Luanda knows what to do to pacify the territory and solve the problem of Cabinda. Surely, it is not frightening the Cabindans but meeting and talking with all its representatives; and not with individuals chosen by the regime. The people of Cabinda protests that with foresight.


If the regime of Luanda is serious in seeking an everlasting solution for Cabinda, would understand that peaceful coexistence is possible and should not have to waste resources to corrupt individuals who can not actually help because they do not embody the will of the people, who do not feel represented by them in what they do.


The Cabindan issue requires a global political solution, and not accommodating individuals.

Each of us will live as long as he can, then what will be for the Cabindans of future generations?
This is the reasoning that united Cabindans against the famous memorandum of humiliation signed in 2006 in Namibe, and it will not be different to any other kind of scam because there was only a change of personalities.

Freedom is freedom only for those who think differently, and the people of Cabinda to whom are assigned the right to self-determination continues to think differently.

Therefore it is legitimate to say that these people who think the same way that the government of MPLA does not need freedom, so the MPLA can just fit them in without further delay in the structures of the MPLA and its government. It makes no sense, having discussions between people who think the same way. This can indeed be coordinated within the structures they serve.



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