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Written by Terra Cabinda   
Sunday, 26 December 2010 20:36


 After the meeting of the 2nd to the 4th July 2010, it was decided to send the letter of resignation signed by some members to the President of Front for the Liberation of the Enclave de Cabinda (FLEC). The letter was then made public.
The members of the movement for the liberation of Cabinda were worried about the actions leading to the letter of resignations and felt such actions were insulting, scornful, humiliating and back stabbing to the people of Cabinda. Once again, certain individuals till than seen as icons of the movement for the liberation of Cabinda were inflicting heavy damage to the Cabindan cause.
After the letter was made public some individuals and members of Flec made erroneous interpretations and deliberately twisted the details of the resignations some for lack of elements of appreciation and others for their own advantage in an attempt to confuse the general public about what goes on in Flec. 
In order to establish the truth those who signed the letter of resignation decided to clarify the situation so as to dispel any doubts and confusion that could exist for the people of Cabinda.

The aim of Flec is to serve the people of Cabinda with transparency, truth and responsibility for the emancipation and freedom of Cabinda.
In the struggle for emancipation we became aware of certain sickening aspects which we were unable to condone and this left us with no alternative but to resign of this polluted environment and inform the national and international public domain for the sake of Cabindan people.
In an attempt to make clear to all concerned, we have detailed bellow the actions and some details which led to our resignations:


- Evidences of high treason at the top of FLEC/FAC leadership in a muddle with the FLEC/Estado in which is also associated Mr António Nzita Bemba, son of the President Nzita Henriques Tiago, who from 2007 is challenging openly the people of Cabinda as an instrument of the Angolan Government for the destabilization of the struggle for emancipation of Cabindan people as summarised in the following:

. President Nzita Tiago reactivated Flec/Fac dissolved in 2004 in Helvoirt in the frame of the fusion of flec's whose presidency is also assumed by him in parallel with of the Flec/Estado without any consultation with the other members of Flec or at least having had the preoccupation and consideration to explain to the other members, who share responsibility of the movement about his purposes.

. President Nzita Tiago created a “secretary's post of the president for special missions” again without consultation and explanation to other members responsible of the movement and nominated Mr Jose Veras for the post. The President signed a proxy giving Veras unlimited authority in an attempt to legitimize his actions. Veras was later revealed to be implicated in secret negotiations with Angola – negotiations denied by Angola but of which Flec said existing.

. Those members of the group linked to Flec/Fac secretly travelled to Luanda, on several occasions, using Angolan passports with the knowledge of FLEC’s President, Nzita Henriques Tiago. Members of this team and the director of the office of the President of Flec confirmed the president’s knowledge of what was being done and insisted they were receiving instructions from the President to whom they were reporting back the results of what they were doing.

. When this situation was discovered President Nzita Henriques Tiago flatly refused to discuss with the leadership and rejected systematically the convocation of Flec leadership meetings to discuss the uneasiness that deliberately had been created in the movement.

- The situation involves the presidency, the superior command of FAC and later in a plot to ensure that the people of Cabinda would willingly accept their actions, the approached the General Secretary in the last stage, after having been reviled in the final notice of one of the last meetings that President Nzita Tiago had with the group led by Mr Alexandre Tati, which surrendered to the service of Angola, with a view to use the General Secretary to help them to convince other members, the freedom fighters and the refugees who they tried to drag by force, under threats, to accept their directions.

. The General-Secretary was put in charge of the mission to attract anyway all members residing in Europe and he has a scheduled travel, with prepared ticket for Africa with the same mission to convince the refugees and perhaps the freedom fighters too, however without revealing the details of the mission. The travel only did not occur due to the misunderstanding that was registered between them.

. The attraction of the General-Secretary, Mr Joel Batila, appeared in part as a measure to abort the meeting called by the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs and Negotiations, then directed by Mr Martinho Lubango, on request of most of Cabindan Representatives in different countries who were asking clarifications from the leadership (president and general secretary) on the undisguised treason in the high hierarchy of the movement.

. Initially the General-Secretary agreed to participate in the meeting. Later, instructed by the president, he said that the President sent his nephew, Mr Pambou Pierre, to convey his words to a limited group with a list of attendees acceptable to the President that should convene secretly in Brussels, while everything was prepared for the meeting of France where reside: Mr Joel Batila, Mr Nzita Tiago and his nephew Mr Pambou Pierre, who is not an active member of FLEC and does not participate in FLEC activities because he does not want to be involved in the politics of Cabinda (this was said by Pambou Pierre himself).

. They rejected the opportunity to be honoured with the presence of those who had already decided to travel to France that only wanted to be informed, then to decide whether to continue serving the people of Cabinda out of this confusion or to accept the corruption as happened with some people, who are allergic to the petrodollars.                                                     

- The plot of the leadership failed to force or attract all the members residing in Europe; the Cabindan refugees in both Congo and the freedom fighters to comply with their plan. The members of Flec and the people of Cabinda refused to support the hoax set up by the Secret Services of Angola in partnership with its agents accommodated in the leadership of Flec and left the mentors lost and lead the faction into collision, than they precipitated their acts and started dismissing each other in notices that has nothing new, except, assuming openly what had been already denounced in opportune time by different sources of the Cabindan cause.

- The President Nzita Tiago maintained silent and was opposed to all initiatives to have internal discussion to explain to the national and international public about what goes on with our people in Cabinda and in bordering countries of the territory, especially in Pointe-Noire, since the attack of Massabi that constitutes the centre of gravity of everything that was happening.
The President and his grandson Mr Jean Claude Nzita, who does not maintain any official responsibility in FLEC, claimed responsibility of the attack of Massabi; and that is undoubtedly a sign of the President acknowledgement and consent of what was happening.

. The President and his grandson allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack to have assumed the act under confirmation of the faction that surrendered to Angola. The faction guaranteed that they were the strategists and executors with others unknown fighters of the attack. No one has any ideas who are those fighters in the lines of the Unified Cabindan Armed Forces (FACU). That suggests the complicity of the President with everything that is happening last times in Cabinda.

. The relatives of President Nzita Tiago: sons, nephews, grandsons and company interfere without limits in the function of the organization giving the clear message of being in a fee and not in a representative structure of the struggle of a People.

. Mr. Antoine Nzita, bearer of a proxy signed by President Nzita Tiago that enables him to act as executive president of Flec; so, he was boosted by his father into the role that he fulfils next to Angola and manages the funds of the corruption, while openly they claim to have a misunderstanding between them.                                                                                                                                                

. Due to the pressure of Angola not wanting to see the surrendered faction continuing in secrecy, they were exposed in attempting to demolish the Cabindan Resistance and to dissolve the FLEC by a supposed congress to be financed by Angola as condition to keep on being considered loyal to the regime that they have been serving clandestinely.

- It is not reasonable that President Nzita Tiago had more than a week to work with individuals who are openly in the pay of Angola to demolish the structures of FLEC as we can understand from the notice that they released against those who maintain loyalty and who want to serve Cabinda without compromising the dignity of its people; and, did not call the Permanent Political Commission (CPP) in accordance with the statutes to clarify what was going on, when it was known that those who surrendered travelled with Angolan passports to Luanda, Europe and the bordering countries of Cabinda. They had at their disposal means given by the Secret Services of Angola to destabilize the Flec and spread terror, panic and despair among the Cabindan population of the Interior and of the Diaspora.

- The leadership of Flec shows perversion of moral values in its attitude in favour of Angola, to destroy the movement, orchestrated by the Secret Services of Angola, in order to perpetuate the suffering of the people of Cabinda as it is proven with the rise of repression and detentions of innocent citizens, as it is the case of the civic activists condemned in Cabinda and the detentions of Pointe-Noire. On one hand strategists and executors of the attack of Massabi attributed to FLEC, frequent the circles of the Angolan Security in Luanda, which finances them and gives the whole necessary support, on the other hand is assisted by Angolan justice forging judgements of innocent people for non-existent crimes, against the security of the Angolan state, in a deliberate contradiction.

- The faction that surrendered mounted their base in Pointe-Noire from where the whole abomination was coordinated, actions comprise of: corrupting members and fighters of Flec, denunciations against the truthful resistant ones, and coercive acts with veiled death threats aiming to intimidate; and to involve all the people because they are satisfied with the promises made by Angola to change their lives in compensation for the time past (in this struggle) serving Angola? Have they not learned the lesson with the group that preceded them? Who will reward the spilled blood and the martyred people of Cabinda?

- What is the difference between this new act and the previous one lead by other group who preceded them a part from the excessive mediocrity, cheap treason and brutality that characterizes it?

- This situation creates great risks of radicalization of the freedom fighters who deny obeying orders of those who surrendered to the Secret Services of Angola. And, now, they are said to be negotiating with Angola, obeying its strategy to remove away more and more the possibility of involvement from the International Community, in favour of a solution that dignifies the people of Cabinda and all the parts involved, including Angola.

- President Nzita Tiago was coexisting normally with the surrendered faction; while he was avoiding contact with those who were not involved in this treason. After the exchange of notices between them, he called a meeting of the Nkoto-Likanda when everything was already accomplished, for what? Does he intend to keep on deceiving the people of Cabinda with the fallacy that was a coup against him while everything is a mere simulation to safeguard his image of hero and eternal leader of the Cabindan resistance?

- In this way, we understand that President Nzita Tiago violated the statutes of the movement, namely: the articles 14 and 18; and encouraged, to a certain extent, the treason of the fraction that surrendered to Angola.
They should explain clearly to the People of Cabinda what happened before they had a disagreement between them, instead of fighting for control of the situation.

Therefore, they have neither authority nor moral power of giving out notices in the name of the Cabindan Resistance to dismiss each other for shame of the Cabindan People.


- Having taken into account the facts summarised above and others that will be following opportunely, if it seems necessary. The following are the names of the representative members of Flec who resigned: M.r Martinho Lubango, ex-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Negotiations, and member of the CPP; Mr. João Francisco Lubota, ex-Deputy Permanent Secretary of the CPP and Mr. Chibinda António Clemente, ex-Representative of Cabinda in Switzerland and member of the CPP.
They presented their resignations and coming together with other Cabindans worried about the destiny of Cabindan people decided on the following:

. To distance themselves from the whole treason and ignoble acts of  President Nzita Tiago and his associates, and declare that they do not subscribe to any line of the hoax created deliberately by this leadership by order of their bosses (Angola) that betrays and back stabs, once again, the people of Cabinda.

. To cease all collaborations with this leadership because it is compromised with Angola and makes difficult the political solution of Cabinda case.
. Not to allow the monopolization by whoever wants to be, under any pretext, of the space created by the Cabindans for the claim of their right to self-determination, in which all are identified and many people gave their lives, and others keep on giving, to serve as a product of exchange for an easy life that certain persons dream of, though for such they have to sacrifice or to crucify all to reach what they aspire, without taking into account the legitimate aspirations of the People of Cabinda.

. To work in the direction of rescuing the credibility of the Cabindan cause and giving a renewed hope to the people of Cabinda; and to say to those who allow themselves to be bribed for the petrodollars, that the money that they receive only blinds them, makes them ignorant and insensible to their own suffering, and therefore will not bring any solution and will only contribute to their discredit and to delay the solution "that they say also to seek".
Meantime, they also complain about the indifference of the international community to the evil imposed on the People of Cabinda by Angola. What an irony and sarcasm?

. To create a Steering Committee for the establishment of the bases for the functioning of the Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda as space where all worried Cabindans, with the fate of its people will be able to contribute in the effort of searching for a peace-loving, lasting, just  and dignified solution for Cabinda.

. Mr. Martinho Lubango is the coordinator elected of the above-mentioned committee.


- Especially the UN, AU, EU and the most industrialized countries of the G-8 to consider the question of Cabinda as a challenge from Angola to the modern civilization, peace and international security, and to intervene in the clarification of the attack of Massabi with the opening of an independent international inquiry in order to investigate the truth of the facts.

- Particularly, to the leaders and Governments of the countries with great economical interests in Cabinda, to pay attention to what is happening with the people of Cabinda and to press Angola to free all the defenders of Human rights; political prisoners and  prisoners of conscience jailed by the regime of Angola in Cabinda, and not to allow Angola serving them as means of pursuing an aim; and to use the necessary international mechanisms to reach a political solution of the dispute between Cabinda and Angola.

- Not to back with its silence, the corruption as the form for the resolution of the Cabinda problem, which as is known, is established in the self-determination of the people and, recognized by the international institutions.

- All cases, conflicts and disputes, similar to that of Cabinda and others even of internal nature have mobilized the international community, due to the imperative of the respect for the human rights, to the restoring of peace and guaranteeing international security.

We think that the victims and the destruction already caused by Angola in Cabinda justify, independently of the reasons which maintain the international community silent, its pronouncement for the good of humanity.

Done on 14th of August of 2010

                                                                                 The Steering Committee

                    Martinho Lubango         Chibinda António Clemente        João Francisco Lubota








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